Support Group for Adults

Who can attend?

Anyone that is 18 years of age and older, who has been diagnosed with OCD, or a related disorder, is a family member of someone with OCD, or helps support someone with OCD, or desires to know more about OCD. If you are a college student wanting to observe the meeting, please email Mike at


The purpose of this support group is to educate, inform, support, and instruct members about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), which includes but is not limited to setting personal goals, learning strategies for ameliorating symptoms, sharing success stories, working together for mutual benefit, providing support to the family system and/or significant others, and promoting the common good of all members regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, color, and religious affiliation. The support group is peer led by someone diagnosed with OCD, and/or a caregiver for someone with OCD.


The first thursday of each month from 7:00pm-8:30pm

Memorial Hospital (also known as Memorial Medical Center)

3625 University Boulevard, Jacksonville, Florida 32216

Classroom #4

There are no fees and there is no registration for this service. You do not need to contact anyone in advance to let us know that you are planning to attend the meeting unless you are a student who is attending to learn more about OCD.

Directions to the meeting location:

The meetings are in classrooms that are located on the south end of Memorial Hospital.  You enter on the south end of the hospital through the double doors under the large “overhang/canopy”. I’ve included a link to a map to the hospital which should hopefully help you find the location if you’ve never been there.  Turn east onto Harvin Road, off University Blvd. at the south end of Memorial Hospital (by the parking garage). (Harvin Road is just south of Beach Blvd. & only runs east so you can’t go the wrong way when you turn off University Blvd.) Turn north into the hospital parking area by the parking garage. Again, you cannot go the wrong way when turning into the parking lot off of Harvin Road. Park in any of the vacant parking spaces near the south entrance to the hospital. Enter the hospital through the double doors under the covered entrance (overhang/canopy). Follow the hallway to the left. Continue down the hall until you come to an open area. (About 100 feet.)  A TV monitor should be in front of you at that point with information about the meetings at the hospital for that evening.  Turn right & you’ll then enter the classrooms/education area. (There are signs!)  Next you simply turn left down the first hallway that you come to… (these are the classrooms & there are signs directing you to them).  We usually meet in classroom #4. (It’s not as difficult as it seems/sounds when you read these directions.)  Please note that the Wells Fargo bank that was adjacent to the hospital doors that we enter for the meeting has closed & is no longer there… We used the bank as a landmark to help people find the meeting room for a long time.  Here’s a link with a map to the hospital:

Support Group Map  


If you are interested in attending the support group and/or if you have any questions about the support group, please feel from to call us at 888-783-3211 or e-mail us at: