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The following support group information is being provided for informational purposes only. OCD Jacksonville does not evaluate and can not endorse the competence of group facilitators. OCD Jacksonville, its board of directors, and advisory board are in no way responsible for the actions, opinions, or statements of anyone attending group meetings.

Note: We recommend calling the contact number to confirm the accuracy of the support group information.

Please contact us if you wish to start a support group.

Adult OCD Support Group
Member-led Support Group Meetings for anyone that is 18 years of age and older, who has been diagnosed with OCD, or a related disorder, is a family member of someone with OCD, or helps support someone with OCD, or desires to know more about OCD

OCD Parent Support Group
For parents and others who assist those living with OCD and/or a related disorder

Helpful Links

The International OCD Foundation

The Learning Channel – TLC: Discovery Studios is currently producing a new documentary series on hoarding for TLC that airs on Sunday nights at 10pm EST. The series explores the various facets of hoarding through personal stories of people who struggle with it and/or those who may live with someone who is hoarding. For those willing to share their story, we provide treatment with top mental health professionals who specialize in hoarding as well as professional organizers. In addition, we offer aftercare funds so people can continue getting help for hoarding when we’re done filming. We are currently seeking people who struggle with hoarding, as well as leading doctors and organizers who have experience with this disorder. *All parties are compensated for their participation. (Posted April 2010) To learn more please contact Candace Boissy at:

Access the web site at:

OCD Resource Center of South Florida

The University of Florida OCD Program

OCD Center of Los Angeles

The OCD Source

International OCD Resources

Planet OCD

Florida’s Prescription Assistance Program

Another Free Medication Assistance Program

A huge OCD web site with all kinds of stuff!

Talk About OCD

OCD Disorder

Jacksonville, Florida’s Alliance for the Mentally Ill

You can also e-mail us at:

There are also many OCD Support Groups on the Internet that you can join that might provide some support for you and/or your family. To find out about approximately 250 of them click on the Yahoo link below:

Yahoo! OCD Support Groups

Two books that we’ve found to be particularly helpful are:

THE OCD WORKBOOK” by Dr. Bruce Hyman & Cherry Pedrick, RN

and “BRAIN LOCK” by Dr. Jeffrey M. Schwartz